Trademark rights HeroQuest (or Hero Quest too) was originally a trademark (trademark in English) that Greg Stafford recorded during the first half of the ’80s. Stafford abandoned the trademark in the hopes to award a game, but to not renew the rights to the brand ended up losing when the publisher Games Workshop’s appropriated to publish the board game co-ed with Milton Bradley in 1989. However, during the ’90s, Games Workshop and Milton Bradley HeroQuest and stopped publishing once lost their rights in the mark, which allowed Greg Stafford, in 2003, recovered to rename the name of your game HeroQuest Hero Wars role, which was published three years earlier in 2000. This new assignment of rights to the brand makes it almost impossible to reprint the old board game, or at least not with the name HeroQuest. The current HeroQuest roleplaying game called as no other has in common with the old board game if not carrying the same name.It’s set in the fantasy world called Glorantha and is essentially a reissue with spelling correction of Hero Wars, created and published in 2000 with enough haste to prevent Issaries, leading publisher of Stafford after he left Chaosium in 1998, outside the bankruptcy. The result is that both the old board game called HeroQuest as role play called Hero Wars are no longer published and HeroQuest has passed the mark to designate only the current role-playing game published by Issaries and set in Glorantha.